5 things to do in February

Bleurgh to February- the shortest month of the year but the one that feels the longest. A month where nothing much happens, we're too far away from the merriment of Christmas and still a long stretch away from the warm Spring and Summer. To conquer my February blues I try and find the positives and look for things to do.

January Favourites

January was all about planning and getting things in the diary. I realised that I need to crack on with the wedding planning; start confirming, paying and posting things. It's going to be here before we know it and we have to be somewhat prepared for it.


People always choose this time of year to make resolutions. Some big, some small, promises to keep them, some will, some won't. I usually start with good intentions and then fail. Perhaps something came up or got in the way; maybe I just didn't have the heart for it in the first place. Whatever the reason it means for the last few years I've had no new year's resolutions.