A letter: to 16 year old me

How was 2007 10 years ago? I had recieved my GCSEs, was about to start a new school for sixth form, had a miniscule but totally mine income from a part time job, no real responsibilities and life was about how much I loved Seth Cohen and how I could buy a wardrobe that emulated, LC, the Olsens and Nicole Richie. Ah the good old times, the times where you look back and never knew how easy we had it, you know 16 year old me would have thought I had it so time. Oh babes, no...just no.

Visit:: Lanhydrock

The following day we got our trusty National Trust cards out and headed to Lanhydrock house. I can sense that this place may just be one of my favourite places to visit. Not only were the grounds beautiful, the house itself was fascinating.

Homeware Wishlist

For the past year or so changing and adding things to our house was put on hold while we planned and had our wedding. Since then we were lucky enough to be gifted vouchers by our friends and family as well as having some disposable income again. With this we are hoping to add a few things to make some much needed upgrades to make our home. 

Why I took a Blogging Break

You may have seen that I'm back in the blogging world after a few months away from it. The break, I have to admit, was lovely and I didn't think about blogging all that much. I've often thought to myself is this worth doing? After all it is only a hobby for me, and with such an over saturated market am I just writing into the abyss?