Visit:: Lady Liberty

There's something quite spectacular about seeing the Statue of Liberty up close. A little intimidating (it's the eyes) but somewhat magical. I always think about people coming to the city for the first time, ready to start a new life. How they must have felt seeing her for the first time- the excitement, tension, nerves.

Visit:: The High Line

This has been my a no. 1 on my list since my last trip in 2015 but I never got round to it. This time I wasn't going to let that happen. We were lucky enough that the start of the High Line was only 10 minutes from our hotel so we had absolutely no excuses not to walk it.

A More Conscious 2018

2017 has gone in a flash and its been a mixed bag if you ask me. Full of fantastic highs and not bereft of lows. But now its times to look to the year ahead. Now I'm not one to make resolutions, at least not in January, but I'm taking a new ethos and jumping on the bandwagon and thinking about how I want to start and carry on the year.