Once upon a time I was city living, sipping on passion fruit margaritas 3 times a week and going out most evenings because... London.

I adored (still adore) the bright lights and buzz that the city brings but living their was not the dream I had pictured. I was tired of the constant life in London and that's no bad thing, in fact, it seems to be happening to people more and more. So we made the decision to leave and head home to Devon.

Since the move life has changed dramatically. Alex and I got married, our gorgeous Labrador Edie joined the family, we have an alpaca as a neighbour! I never thought I'd say it but the slower pace suits us just fine.

I'm  Kelsey, I'm in the next age bracket of twenties, the one where people aren't interested in what you studied at university or what job you have but instead ask you questions about buying a house, babies and all adult things I didn't think I was older enough to have to think about. 

Wondering Through is full of lists, me pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw, trying to upload content on time and a bit of everything that spills out of my brain onto the computer. 

So stay a while and if you need to contact me email me on: kelseysam023@gmail.com