Wanderlust:: travel 2015


Whenever I have a spare 5 minutes I'm often on Pinterest and Expedia trying to plan adventures. With life in London being so expensive and life seeing to want to throw us constant curveballs (thanks for that!), its been tricky to get away. In 2013 I visited Iceland and it was magical. I can't recommend the country enough. Alex didn't come on the trip and so I'm lucky enough to be able to plan another trip there and add it to my 2015 travel wishlist. I want this year to be a year of adventure; weekend trips, city breaks, lounging in the sun- all of it, because if not now when?

I'm lucky enough to have a trip to NYC booked in May and there are talks of a long 2 week holiday toFlorida in November (can anyone say Disney ;) ) but so many other places also need to be explored or revisited.

Travel wishlist 2015::

: Paris
: Iceland
: Barcelona
: Edinburgh
: A sunshine holiday in Portugal or Greece

Now where's my passport...

Spring Wishlist

All by myself.