Autumnal days

I love this time of year- when it's time to start layering up and there's a slight nip in the air. You can sense that the seasons are changing, October is here and the year is winding down; leaves start to drop, everything isn't quite as green and fresh as it was 2 months ago. You're no longer trying to squeeze in the last BBQ of summer but have retreated to cosy socks and the heating has been turned on. Red wine has replaced white and more wholesome and hearty food is being cooked to provide comfort and warmth.


The other week mine and Alex's Sunday was spent observing these changes and cooking our own warming winter dinner to confirm summer is now officially over and winters on its way.

Our Sunday summed up exactly why we wanted to move, it was spent at home- just the 2 of us (4 if you include the dogs) and we baked, cooked, prepared for the week ahead and took the dogs for a runabout.


We took them up on the moors where the ferns were knee deep, the clouds were rolling in and it was so windy you couldn't hear yourself speak. It was one of my favourite things I've done since we returned. I loved taking in the views, soaking in the fresh air and just feeling relaxed and content. I felt like I was really home.


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