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Now, I may no longer in London where you only have to walk 2 minutes to see something beautiful or interesting to snap. I mean London has St Paul's, Covent Garden, the flowers at Columbia Road, great food trucks and markets and buildings full of famous history, but my sights are now more varied and that's something I like. After seeing Cat's great post on Rochester, I thought I'd share a few snaps of my local city. Exeter isn't exactly on my doorstep or my home time but when I was younger all my Saturdays were spent pretending we were the coolest kids; sitting on the Cathedral Green, roaming the shops with no money and coming home long after the shops had shut. Now that I've returned home I may no longer do those things but I still love Exeter and the hidden beauty that it brings.


A little fact for you: JK Rowling studied at Exeter University and it is widely believed that inspiration for Diagon Alley came from Gandy Street, and you can see why. It's full of a mixture of independent shops and food joints. I know it's a chain but I love coming to Bill's here and it's a firm favourite. There's also the Cavern which is a great place for music.


So often people forget to look up- I'm guilty of it. I'm usually head down and off to the next shop, cafe etc but I love to look up at the old buildings of Exeter. They are from a different world.


The high street and centre of town is just a small section of Exeter to visit, the place has many amazing shops including vintage haven The Real McCoy and a musician's dream in Mansons. And then there's the Quay- full of great places to explore; furniture, food and knick knacks. They're actually hosting a street food festival there at the beginning of December and who am I to say no to street food?!

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