All Blacks, rugby & little sleep:: Cardiff


I seem to visit Cardiff for events; concerts, gigs, uni tours and now rugby, but never to actually explore. Last weekend I managed to a tiny amount of exploring (nowhere near enough), but a whole load of time in Cardiff. Alex and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the Rugby World Cup, quarter final 2. This meant we got to watch some legends of the rugby world go head-to-head: New Zealand vs France.


Before the game we had a quick wander down the high street and then down to Cardiff Bay. I wish we had more time to be honest but when there's a group of you it makes it harder to stop and pause for pictures and to soak it all in.


Soon enough game time approached and it was time to head into the stadium. We couldn't believe our luck; our seats were so good! I've wanted to watch this New Zealand team play for a long time and seeing them perform the Haka and then to see them play the way they did- I really feel I managed to tick something off my bucket list.


Once the game finished we headed to a pub and spent the evening/early morning there until our drive back to Bristol.

The rest of our trip constituted of late night chats, limited sleep, bacon and sausage sandwiches and heading back to Devon. I'm now planning our next trip to Cardiff where we can properly explore more and venture more of Wales' capital.

In the kitchen:: pumpkin spiced cupcakes

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