5 things that instantly cheer me up

I don't know about you but sometimes you just need a pick me up; it could be a long overdue dinner and drinks with a friend or a night in with a glass of bubbles and a relaxing bath, either way I know the importance of cheering yourself up and sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, and these are just some of the things that I know will instantly perk up my mood.

:: Fresh Flowers


Whether you've bought them yourself or not, flowers always cheer me up. They also make me feel pretty swish and like I have my life together when I have a vase of them in my home (or room, depending on living situation!)

:: Unexpected letters/emails from friends

I would say post but no sends anything in the post any more and I'm not really a fan of receiving letters telling me how much student loan I still have to pay off. Emails from friends when you're having a rough day or haven't caught up in a while always brings a smile to my face.

:: Fresh Sheets


There is something so refreshing and comforting about fresh, clean, crisp bedding. I love getting into bed after a long day to just chill out and knowing that it'll be new, fresh bedding just tops it off.

:: My Favourite Song

I have a favourite feel good song and the instant I hear it, whether I'm out or it plays on my playlist my heart and head is instantly happier. Move On Up is so uplifting; I honestly feel like I can conquer anything the moment it's on!

:: Christmas


I know, how can something that happens in December also cheer me up in April?! Well, it just can. I'm a winter baby; I love wrapping up warm and evenings snuggled in. There's something so magical about the build up to Christmas and I just love it. It makes me so happy whether we're in June or November. Sorry Christmas haters, I don't get the hate for the season at all.

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