Dealing with Disappointment


I'm not very good at dealing with disappointment- especially when I had invested so much heart and energy into it.

Alex and I went for a house, it was perfect and gave in to all our dreams of country life. We filled in the paperwork and from all the conversations we had with people it looked like it was destined to be ours. Since it went on the market we patiently waited. I had mentally moved in; I had a homewares shopping list ready to go, my Pinterest boards were filling up with more home inspo. The wait was killing me and then the news came...they went with another couple. I was crushed. I cried, drank wine and moped. I questioned why we moved and felt like we'd gone backwards- our London flat may not have been the best but at least we had a place of our own.

I had to take 48 hours to deal with my disappointment and to try and see the brighter days ahead. I know we'll find our own place and when we're unpacking our things and having people over for dinner it will all be worth the wait. It's knowing not to put too much pressure on myself and the situation and that it will all fall into place. But y'know- if anyone knows of a house with a garden in the village that we love that would be great.

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