October Favourites


October has been a busy one with visits to Cardiff, London, seeing live music and just with life in general. I can't believe we're into November already! November really is my all-time favourite month; the countdown to Christmas is on, we're on the right side of winter where it's cosy and we're still okay with it (unlike February when you can't wait for it to be over!) and it's all about crisp days and evenings in, but first, onto my October favourites.

:: Ruarri Joseph gig


I'm a big fan of Ruarri Joseph ever since I saw him for the first time, supporting Funeral for a Friend in a pub in Polzeath. Yes- I know that whole sentence seems weird- why was a emo-esque band performing in a Cornish pub and why was an indie/folk singer their support? The answer is I really don't know but I'm so glad it happened as he's been a firm favourite ever since. At the beginning of the month, Alex and I went to see him play at the Cavern in Exeter and once again he didn't disappoint. He's great at mingling and talking to the crowd and with a gorgeous voice to boot you're in for a great evening. If you see his name or his new name William the Conqueror anywhere, go buy tickets and treat your ears for an evening.

:: The Christmas buzz

I know- October, probably too early but still- half way through this month I started getting the excitement that is associated with Christmas. Lists have started to be made, wrapping paper choices taken into account, a Christmas film or 2 watched and I may have even bought a couple of gifts already.

:: The Rugby World Cup


Okay, so we'll ignore England crashing out spectacularly at their own world cup and focus on the other parts. Alex and I got tickets to 2 games at the world cup; quarter final 2 (NZ v France) and the bronze final (RSA v Argentina). We trekked to Cardiff in the middle of the month and London at the end. To see NZ play was on my bucket list and I'm so pleased I got to do it. They played amazingly well- the smoothest team ever when on form. They make it so easy to see why they deserve to be world champions.

:: Our Halloween traditions

I am terrible at scary films- I just cannot do them. And so when I was little my mum and I started a tradition of not answering the door, watch the least scary Halloween kiddies film and eating the sweets ourselves. I carried on the tradition when living in London and this year, as we're back in Devon and still living at home, we did it again. Some traditions you should never break and this is one we never will.

:: My new diary


I can't believe how we've sped through this year- I mean it's November already!!! And I already have some dates and events planned for next year. With that being said it was time for me to get a diary for the new year. This little one is from Marks and Spencer and I love it. It's small enough that I can pop it in my bag but has enough space inside for my large handwriting- now to fill it with fun things for the year ahead.

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