Christmas wishlist

December is already upon us, what!! The first 4 doors of the advent calendar have been opened, we're starting to hunt out the decorations from the loft and Alex and I are hoping to have our final bit of Christmas shopping complete after a trip to London this weekend. I'm so excited- there's such a feeling of magic in London at this time of year- I can't wait to go and get caught up in it all. 

I thought I'd put together a winter wishlist like I have done for the other seasons (here, here and here) but the more I was putting it all together, the more I realised it was part of my Christmas wish list. So Father Christmas if you or your elves are looking here please take note, I think I've been good enough this year.

i. II ii. II iii. II iv & v. II vi.

Christmastime in the City

November Favourites