Life:: as it stands II


Currently:: Enjoying a week off work. I originally thought I was going to be on holiday in sunny LA, then I put it on pause as I thought we might be moving house but neither materialised, so this week is about relaxing, house hunting and day trips out instead.

Waiting for:: a couple of things; a house of our own that we can move into in the area we want (easier said than done though) and secondly, for the weather to turn cooler again. I want to bundle up in layers and not melt because it's warmer than expected. Come on November- do me proud.

Wearing::  my trusty pair of New Look ankle boots. I really need to find another pair (or two) as I'm not sure how long my current ones will last. 

Attempting:: to make silver domes/bauble-esque things for the Christmas display window at work. Right now its all about paper mache; PVA glue, old newspapers followed by a lot of silver paint. Give me all the luck on this art attack guys!

Looking forward to:: November is my favourite month so I'm looking forward to the month ahead in general; the chillier nights, the twinkle of Christmas lights starting to appear, Christmas spirit and cheer in general. And then at the beginning of December Alex and I have booked a quick trip to London again to see the lights and to Christmas shop.

In the kitchen:: cinnamon knot

Snapshots:: Bronze final