What I'm Thankful for at Home

With not having our own home at the moment it can be hard to truly make the place feel your own. Of course it feels homely, its been my childhood home for 18+ years, however, its currently an adjustment when most of your personal things from the last 7 years are in storage. I know our place will come soon enough and when it does my parents can visit, eat the food, drink the wine and not have to worry about the mess. I mean, it's only fair right?!

I'm so grateful for my parents letting us move back while we find a home of our own but like I said, it's been adjustment - for all of us, but without them we'd be....in the storage unit alongside our things?! Nah, you're alright thanks.

My parents' home is lovely, a proper cosy cottage and if there are 3 things I'm most thankful about their home its these:

:: The views from my room


For years, when I was growing up, I took the views around me for granted; I was even bored by them! I know- what was I thinking?! But now I'm back they are some of the most gorgeous views that I'm lucky enough to see day-in, day-out. My bedroom has a skylight and a window that opens right out, allowing you to stand up and look out over Dartmoor- breathtaking, and something I do not take for granted any more.

:: The bathroom


I'm not one for massive bathrooms, I like them small and cosy and always with a shower. This bathroom fits the bill; its perfectly compact and I love the décor- it makes me feel like I'm staying in a hotel. And just look at that shower head!! You usually have to drag me out of this bathroom!

:: The dogs


These dogs always make the place feel like home and I'm so thankful I get to now see them all the time. Molly and Lucy are very much apart of this family; from Lucy finishing your cups of tea to Molly always giving hugs (if you go to her that is, she is 94 after all!). These doggies can cheer you up if you're having a bad day and are forever pleased to see you. 

So there you have it, the three things I'm most thankful for at home; tell me, what are yours?



* sponsored post in collaboration with Ocean Finance as part of their Thanksgiving UK campaign.

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