5 ways to have a cosy night in this winter

I know a lot of people struggle with the winter months but I for one quite like them. There's something so nice about lighting up your home with soft lighting, snuggling up in your warmest blanket and fluffiest socks and just listening to the rain fall and the wind howl outside.

There are many ways I like to spend winter days and nights; sometimes its spending the day out shopping- gift buying under the twinkly Christmas lights, other days its windswept walks on the moor or the beach, coming home with pink cheeks and ever so slightly tangled hair!
Evenings can be spent round the dinner table with family and friends and a wholesome cooked meal, other nights its pulling on the layers and heading out to the pub to meet friends, round the fire, glass in hand and to talk about life. I love doing all these things but winter can sometimes make it hard to muster up that energy- when its pitch black by 5pm and the comforts of home are calling your name more than the winds outside. It's nights like these were I following 5 simple steps for a cosy night in.

:: The food you cook

The colder months call for heartier food (with an element of healthy thrown in for good measure if we must). When I come back from work it's about putting all my ingredients together and then to put it in the oven. Of course there are days of quick and easy pasta dishes etc. but firm oven favourites include paprika chicken, lasagne and cottage pie. Dinner prepped and stage one complete.

:: Stripping away the working day


After dinner's prepped and in the oven it's time to decompress after a day at work. When I was working in London it was hard to ever switch off from work. One of my aims when I moved was to really have a line between work and home. So while dinner cooks it's time to scrap off the make up and jump in the shower. Hot shower, lotions and potions applied and pjs on and time to eat.

:: Pour that drink

As winter crawls in white wine is often swapped for red. A glass is poured to go with dinner.

:: Candles lit


I know I'm not the only one that candles play a big part for a cosy night in (I mean I'm a lady who likes her candles, like ever other blogger right?!). My favourite one at the moment is my White Company candle- its cosy and just smells so good.

:: Blankets and films a go!


The final step for a cosy night in- get the heating on or the fire lit, pile yourself with blankets, snacks, drinks, anything that means you don't have to get up too often and settle in for the night with a good film. This time of year is all about feel good films- I'm thinking Love Actually for my next cosy night in.

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