Monday in numbers

Although I still prefer the typical Saturday/Sunday weekend, there is something quite nice about having Mondays off. The crowds are less and it's nice to feel productive at home on a Monday; maybe I just need to extend my break to Saturday through to Monday, wouldn't that be great?! Anyway, to a Monday in numbers...

1:: breakfast stop after a successful dentist trip.

4:: entirely broken nails. Here's to my nail appointment later this week. I love that I'm now in a position to get them done more frequently.

20:: successful ticks next to my Christmas shopping list. I know it's early but 1) Alex's family is the largest one on the planet and 2) my work schedule around Christmas is super super busy.

11: silver painted domes ready to be installed in our window display at work. Think Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

3:: sandwiches eaten alongside an array of cakes and scones and washed down with a glass of champagne as my mum and I treated ourselves to afternoon tea at our local Bill's (blog post coming soon).

2:: episodes of of Simply Nigella watched.

20:30:: The moment I decided bed was the answer to watch said Nigella episodes and to catch up on the world of blogging.

Eat:: Afternoon Tea at Bill's

What I'm Thankful for at Home