My 5 Favourite Christmas Traditions...and the one that got away.

I can't lie- the build up to Christmas is one of my favourite things. I turn into a big kid; the twinkly lights, the songs, even that Christmassy smell of tinsel! Everyone has their unique way of celebrating at this time of year and these are mine.

:: Putting up the tree

Yes I know, the most obvious one that everybody does but let's face we don't all do it the same. Some keep it simple, some go OTT; some people go white and red others go purple and gold- it's different for everyone. Our tree decorating day is usually a day long marked on our calendar; we don't plan anything else- that is the day the tree comes first! As much as I love real trees, Alex and I have a fake one (we're green and saving the planet guys *insert peace sign emoji*. However, a fake tree means I get the opportunity to fuss over the branches and how they look- Alex usually has to drag me away from doing this or it could take even longer than decorating it already takes us! Branches perfectly in place, it's time for the decs. We put everything on our tree, EVERYTHING!- 3 sets of lights, tinsels, beads, baubles, birds- the lot. Our reward at the end of tree day is a bottle of bubbles and a takeaway as we sit around the tree and admire it's sparkle.

:: Christmas Eve Pyjamas


Christmas calls for special pyjamas- let's face it we spend an extra amount of time in them. Mornings lounging around, eating chocolate for breakfast and seeing what films the tv has to offer.I reserve one pair every year for this very occasion; satin pyjamas at Christmas- I just feel so fancy wearing them. Christmas is in force when they come out.

:: Christmas Eve


So, before the Christmas Eve PJs are pulled on, it's time to actually celebrate Christmas Eve in general. I think it's my favourite day of the entire holiday period- I like it more than Christmas Day! For years and years it's been a day where my Dad and I go shopping followed by last minute wrapping, baking and then finally getting dressed up for an evening in our local pub- seeing in Christmas Day with friends and family around us, before we all sneak back, a few gins the wiser and wait for Father Christmas to arrive.

:: Stockings


Everyone gets a stocking in our house from Father Christmas and we all open them together before guests descend the madness of Christmas and people and copious food and drink is consumed. Our own tradition seems to be that Father Christmas always gives people smellies and gold coins.

:: Presents at 11am

This tradition has been going longer than me! No matter who visits for Christmas the rule is everyone is round with Baileys coffe/Christmas cocktail in hand is ready to open presents by 11am.

:: ...And the one that got away


For about 3 years Alex and I have hosted a Christmas party as a chance to see all our friends before Christmas and to do a gift exchange. I loved every part of it- I would spend the week baking and preparing everything, finish work early the day of the party and race back to put the finishing touches to the party and to me. This year it's just not doable as we've moved but still not in a place of our ow- it's all been a bit up in the air. Hopefully next year we'll be back on track and another party can be in full swing- and fingers crossed our next home will have more room for everyone!

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