November Favourites


As I've said countless times, November is my favourite month but it's been a bit hard to get into the swing of things. With all that's happened in the world this month and life being very busy its been a bit of a rush and not as enjoyable as usual. Now we've reached the end of the month and more of Christmas is creeping in, the cheer is coming back. Now onto this month's favourites...

:: Mac Lipstick


So I finally took myself off to Mac and got one of their lipsticks I've been after, and OMG it's beautiful and has been used most days since I got it. Hello Mehr, you dreamy matte lipstick, you are just heaven in a black tube and you can stay a while.

:: New candles


I know I only just mentioned my White Company candle recently but I've added another candle to my collection. Thai Lychee (whatever that is suppose to smell like) is amazing! I skipped Yankee Candles in favour for this one and got it in Clinton Cards for a bargain of £6 - it's one of my most surprising and favourite treats for myself that I bought on a whim for a while. 

:: Not On The High Street Christmas catalogues

I'm a sucker for Christmas catalogues- I just can't help myself. And Not On The High Street's is my favourite one yet. Between them and Etsy I could spend hours gift hunting and treat buying. Although with their catalogue I've mainly been eyeing up things to buy for myself!

:: Work Events

I know who'd of thought something work related could end up on my favourites list! December is a very busy month for the world of hair and beauty and there have been a few events that we've gone to as a team. It's great getting out and about; networking, speaking to clients, promoting and with a hint of Christmas goodies thrown in for good measure. This month we were invited to a Ladies Night and opened our own doors on a Dickensian Evening for people to see the salon, its staff and book in.

:: Gifts


November is always the big build up for Christmas for me. I do most of my gift buying and start planning the final bits to finish it all off for the big day. I've managed to find some great gifts so far for my nearest and dearest, now to just hold off on the wrapping and the decorating part- that's for next month.

Christmas wishlist

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