Snapshots: From the week gone by

This week has been such a busy one; huge amounts of juggling has been required at work as well as a work event on Friday. This blog of mine is preparing for a little update that I've been months behind doing. And I'm trying to organise life and everything in between. So while it's been busy- I'm also managed to fill it with fun bits and pieces which I thought I'd share here as they have no real home at the moment.


I don't know why but this year I have such love for the Nutcracker. His little face and outfit; I'm smitten and I fully intend on buying one to add to my Christmas decoration collection this year.


The other night I came home to such a nice surprise from Alex; balloons and an advent calendar; the best!


Birthday cheesecake for a great friend after a chilled out Sunday lunch.

November Favourites

Eat:: Afternoon Tea at Bill's