Staycation:: South Devon

My weeks holiday didn't go quite as originally planned; it was supposed to be LA and then it was going to hopefully be moving house but alas, I was unlucky in both. And then the weather went all November on us- and not the cold, crisp blue sky winter days but the rainy and windy kind. So you see I didn't get to do as much as I wanted to do this holiday. I suppose there was a quick trip to London but with Alex starting a new job it was limited options for the moment. So instead it was a chance to recharge my batteries and catch up a bit before work goes mad over Christmas. With all that said we did manage a great staycation day out. It took me right back to my childhood as we did the things I did when I was little. 

It all started with a trip to the zoo- we met up with some family there as well which meant spending time with my adorable cousin. He's 22 months so it was great seeing him see the animals and start understanding what they were; seeing them from his point of view. I know not everyone is big fans of zoos but at Paignton I really admire the work they do and how they are always looking for ways to improve and they really focus on conservation work.


Such beautifully pretty creatures. It may be a height thing but I've always loved giraffes. 


After the zoo it was off to Babbacombe- the weather was starting to come in badly again so it was a case of risking it and ducking for cover in childhood favourites so that we could stay dry.


Finally a Stonehenge without the traffic!


A little bit of London came to me in Devon for a change.


It was a photo heavy day and lovely one spent out and about. The UK has such great places to visit and its a real aim of mine to see more of it. Alex and I were lucky enough to live in London for years but there's still more to tick off the London list; we also managed to visit York this year and Cardiff (albeit too briefly for my liking) but next year I'm thinking more day trips around Devon/Cornwall and more trips around the UK in general- any suggestions let me know. Next year is a time to see more!

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