2015 favourites

Well, what happened there?! I feel like I blinked and 2015 was over! 12 months can't really have passed can they, really?! Am I getting old thinking the years are flying past?!

This year has been one of changes and adapting that's for sure. Alex and I moved back to Devon and said farewell to London. Life has taken a calmer approach but there are elements of London that still pull on my heartstrings and still make me miss it from time-to-time.

The second half of the year has been spent trying to find a home of our own and learning to live in a house with 2 other adults. It's been a funny experience moving back into my parents home after nearly 7 years away. I'm eternally grateful for them letting us stay but I think we're all ready to have separate homes again!

It's been a year of doing things and exploring a little bit more. Not much, life got in the way a bit there, but we experienced a lot of things this year. All of which can been added to my list of favourites for the year.

My 2 least favourite months of the year! For these 2 months I hibernate away; under blankets at home, eating home made soup and watching movies. We ventured to York for my birthday which was so nice. I'm still dreaming of those Evil Eye Lounge cocktails, 11 months later! York is a place I could certainly visit for a longer period of time, perhaps also to get further out onto the moors as well. There's something so special about the North of England; I'm a big fan.

March and April saw a lot of trips back to Devon, a day trip to Brighton (I miss being so close to B-Town) and Alex's birthday and mine and Alex's anniversary. One of my favourite days of the year happened in April. Alex and I took the camera and ourselves out for a Sunday stroll and a drink by the river. Maybe one drink turned into a few more but to sit out in the sun and just have each others company; coming home to play an epic Monopoly game; it was just us making our own Sunday great.

My two favourite things happened in May and June; New York City and Glastonbury. Both of them I could talk about for hours and hours. We're still researching to head back to NYC to just soak up the night life and food scene more. Be more NY'er not tourist in New York. So anyone with good recommendations for Air B'n'B's, restaurants, areas to go, let me know as it might possibly go on my 2016 travel list again (along with many others!). And Glastonbury... I still have to hope I can get tickets on the final resale for this year but Glastonbury. It's one of my favourite places in the world. You can go so many times and still see and do something different. This year's festival saw me laugh, cry, tan, get soaked through with rain and make so many memories with great friends and Alex by my side.

The two big months where everything changed: the countdown was on! I handed my notice in, we packed up our flat and we moved from London to Devon. July saw us cram in everything we always put off because we lived there. My highlight was seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A. I walked around in awe at his beautiful creations; the room of wonders- BREATHTAKING!

London,we couldn't stay away! We took our first trip back and it was so nice to be back and visiting. The weather was glorious and we had none of the pressure of living in London, we could enjoy it for what it was. We even played tourist and went to the Icebar! I also took a big step of changing my hair colour. I know, sounds petty but from blonde to brown is a big step- I know you ladies can agree with that right?! I love it! I'm so glad I came back to the dark side. Our October was filled with rugby. I actually got to tick 'seeing the All Blacks' off my bucket list so if that's not a favourite thing I don't know what is. 

November brought with it a weeks holiday where in typical Devon style, it rained throughout. We managed a few trips though and it was a break away from work before the craziness of Christmas. And there's December and Christmas and all that goes with it. My favourite time of year; everyone's spirits are improved, seeing loved ones, eating, drinking, sparkles, getting dressed up. For me, it's all about December! 


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