December favourites


Ahhh the end of the year is looming and I'm sad that the magic of Christmas is over. The build up is my favourite part of the whole year so the moment the big day is here I'm already a bit sad and ready for next year instead. New Year just doesn't have the same buzz as Christmas. But here's to the year ahead by looking back at my December favourites.

:: Fairy lights


The sparkle of fairy lights is my favourite at any time of year so add Christmas into the mix and I'm on overdrive! I'm one for lights and cosiness throughout the year and so when we get an excuse to have a whole tree full of lights I can't wait. I put my tree up earlier than usual this year, and Christmas decorations and prep haven't quite been the same as it isn't in our own place, but the special glow of the fairy lights has certainly helped put a festive glow through everything.

:: London


We got in another trip to London before the year was out and I'm so pleased we did. Christmas in the city is so magical. It's the first time since moving that I've really missed living there; the vibe of the city and festive spirit- I've missed it. Our trip at the beginning of the month was spent shopping, catching up with friends and eating far too much!

:: Circuits

I know- SHUT THE FRONT DOOR- exercise is on my list of favourites- I'm not sure who I've become! Although my first session was November it's only towards the end of this month that I've started to feel the difference. I still dread going every week and think about all the food I could eat instead but I'm so pleased with myself for keeping it up and how much better I'm beginning to feel for it. There's talk of it going to 2 sessions a week in the new year and I'm actually considering it! I've also had Alex fix my bike so we've been able to go on some bike rides over Christmas. Now pass me what's left of the Quality Street before I change too much!

:: My new blog design

It's been a long time coming and, as always, life gets in the way and before you know it another week has gone by but I'm finally updating the blog and it's starting to look how I want it (hopefully it will be ready to go live a few days into 2016). My wonderful friend is behind it again - I'm so lucky to have a talented friend like her! I send her the most ridiculous sketches and long winded messages and she comes up with what I've somewhat described and better!

:: My haircut

A few weeks ago I got my fringe cut in as I was getting bored and didn't want to cut my hair. A few weeks after that I was still bored and cut my hair! I'm loving the new length; my hair hates to be long, no matter how hard I try. Now it's look enough to pin up on bad hair days (they happen more often than I like) and the right length to try out some sassy dos!

:: Christmas


I mean duh! It's December, of course Christmas is going to be on my list. Catching up with friends and family, dressing up, out socialising at different events, pjs and films on TV - everything I love about Christmas. I tend to get the Christmas blues on Christmas Day as it starts to wind down and is over. I'm already thinking about next year...there have been mutterings about getting on a plane and getting away for Christmas and New Year so watch this space!

Snapshots: Christmas & the week inbetween

In the kitchen: Christmas cocktails