In the kitchen: Christmas cocktails


Christmas; a time to over indulge and to treat yourselves to something slightly more fancy than you would on your average day off. With that being said, I do love a good cocktail. And so I don't need an excuse to try a few news to add to my Christmas drinks list.

:: Hot Buttered Rum


Not everyone is into the mulled wine/cider route (I know- who are these people?!) but I feel a warm glass of something after coming in from the cold, and mainly rainy weather, is just what winter calls for. Enter stage left- hot buttered rum!

:: You will need:

:: 1 teaspoon softened butter
:: 1 teaspoon brown sugar
:: 50ml dark rum
:: Boiling water
:: 1 cinnamon stick, 1 clove and fresh nutmeg

:: What you need to do:

:: Mix the butter and sugar together and place in the bottom of your chosen glass.
:: Add your rum and then top up with boiling water to your taste.
:: Finish with those delicious wintery spices.

:: Christmas Cranberry Fizz


The gorgeous and wonderful people at The Riding House Cafe gave me this lovely cocktail and it is beautiful. They finish theirs off with a mini candy cane (C-UTE!), mine was finished off with gold edible glitter around the champagne flute for some added festive sparkle.

:: You will need:

:: Zubrowka
:: Sloe Gin
:: Apple juice
:: Cranberry juice
:: Prosecco

:: What you need to do:

:: Mix all the still liquids and pour into flute, then top with prosecco. It's as simple as that- perfect for Christmas when you have guests to spend time with and no patience to stand in the kitchen mixing drinks.

:: Prosecco Margaritas


Yes! You heard right, prosecco and tequila- my favourite drinks combined! Again this is a fantastic cocktail recipe for big groups. You can make it ahead of your guests arriving giving you more time to panic wrap and organise (or is this just me?!)

:: You will need:

:: Triple sec (or Cointreau)
:: Simple Syrup
:: Prosecco

:: What you need to do:

:: Combine the tequila, triple sec and simple syrup into a large jug (suited to home many yu are serving/how much you want to drink!). This is best left in the fridge to chill until you are ready to pour.
:: Once ready to serve, salt the rims of your glasses, throw in some nice cubes and pour in the margarita mix. 
:: Top up with prosecco and voilĂ ! My new favourite tipple is ready to be drunk.

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