What I Should Have Done More of in 2015


It's the same everyone year isn't it; you stare at the bottom of the empty tin of Quality Street and look back on the year promising to make the next one bigger and even better. I'm not about that- of course there are more things to be done and we always want to better ourselves in some capacity, that's just human nature. My year wasn't bad; in fact it had some pretty awesome moments; some life changing and some just fun and others that will long stay in my memory. With that being said, there are elements of life and how I live that I want to see develop and grow. There were things that I wished I had done more of in 2015; I just couldn't because....well life. But this year life will make time for these and we'll see where we end up on this adventure of 2016.



Right at the beginning of the year and the beginning of this blog I created a wanderlust list, with a small list of places I wanted to go to in 2015 but I wasn't as successful as I wanted to. As I said it wasn't all bad; we had weekends away and I had a trip to New York but again life changed. We made the decision to move back to Devon so finding work and a home became our priority. While the house hunt continues so does the wanderlust. Hopefully this year more trips will be planned and executed too.

:: Spend more time outside

When we made the decision to move to Devon I pictured us spending every spare moment out at the beach, on the moor, having bike rides, BBQs, pub gardens. Outside, fresh air, Julie Andrews 'The hills are alive with the side of music' but if I'm brutally honest I hibernated more than care to admit. This year I want to do all those things along with finding a home with a garden/outdoor space for some plants, BBQs and gatherings.

:: Declutter and relax


A lot of our things are still in storage and it has made me realise even more so about how little we need as humans to function. Food, water yes, vital but all the extras? Not necessarily! I'm going to focus on the good things in life and not the material. This doesn't mean no shopping for new clothes, a house full of candles and blankets it just means investing in the good. A better, capsule (if I can) wardrobe, healthier food, a content and slightly decluttered life so my brain relaxes and doesn't take over as it sometimes has a habit on doing. If anyone can give me tips on this last point it would be greatly appreciated- I have good intentions but I'm easily distracted!

6 months later

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