Now I'm 25

Okay okay, I know it's not old but 25 is the oldest I've ever been right now and so to me it is old and a big deal. This past year has seen such a big change in my life and a new attitude (I think...on some things at least). It's true what people say, the older you get the less you worry about everyone else's opinions. You start trusting your own voice more. I know I have- last year saw me give up my London career for a happier life in Devon. If that doesn't make me a grown up with choices like that I don't know what will! At 25 I see my focus in life shift and settle, become more defined or at least more achievable.

Many posts I see near milestone birthdays are titled '30 things to do before 30' (oh God- that's the next big birthday- I'll start quietly sobbing now). I wanted mine to read 20 things I've achieved and learnt and 5 things to do sometime in the future, maybe before 30. Anyway let's face it, your teens and early 20s  aren't quite as good and as comforting as 25 currently feels.

1:: I moved to London at 18 which was a dream of mine since I was 15 or so.


2:: I passed my driving test. Yes, later than the first time I got in a car but I passed nonetheless.

3:: I've been lucky enough to have some true and lifelong friends. I've really found out the ones that will always be there for me and I for them.

4:: I realised London wasn't affordable for me anymore. If I could have lived the London dream like those fortunate 90s house buying, city slickers I would have but a flat in central just wasn't achievable without working constantly and having no fun...even then I'm not sure we'd ever have afforded it.

5:: We moved back to Devon. Something I wasn't sure we'd ever do, or at least for a long time- but since we made the move it feels right.


6:: I've been in a successful long term relationship. We bicker, we laugh, we have ups and downs, who doesn't? We fit and work well together.

7:: I've got to see some of the world but nowhere near enough.

8:: I graduated uni with a 2:1. University seems so long ago and compared with others it wasn't my favourite experience at all, but I got to move to London, meet some of my best friends and was fortunate to come away with a decent degree at the end of it.


9:: I've learned and am still learning the importance of taking care of yourself. Eating the right things, getting out in the fresh air, sleeping enough and probably, most importantly, looking after your mental self.

10:: I can cook... and I enjoy it. Trust me I'm no chef but I love being in the kitchen. I can't wait for the days of a big kitchen and a dining room full of friends and family to feed.

11:: I found a new kind of confidence; one where I know what I want and my opinions. I also know (most of the time) when and where to say it.

12:: I think my style has evolved and hopefully for the better!


13:: I've realised that more than 3 glasses of wine is no good for me anymore.

14:: I know I'm quite a homebody and that's alright.


15:: Exercise is actually good for you and you can learn to enjoy once again.

16:: I know I'm stubborn but I'm learning that sometimes you have to be the one to say sorry first.

17:: It's perfectly fine to have a bad day or 2. It makes you human. Grab the blankets, snuggle down with some pizza and a movie, pamper yourself and get ready to face the world again tomorrow.

18:: I'm learning to be happy with what you've got. The majority of the time only you can change how your life progresses. You have to make the most of it.

19:: Carbs are heaven and no one should be telling you otherwise. It's all about moderation.

20:: Always say please and thank you; manners mean something and will get you a long way.

And now what the future hopefully holds...

:: Our own house/flat/space. Somewhere we can decorate, host parties etc. A true place to call our own.

:: To own a dog. They are hard work and life adapts to them but in our future their is a dog that we come home to each night.

:: To travel more. To go to far off lands such as Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

:: To be more at ease with myself. Confidence is a funny old thing and on some levels I've got it down, maybe it'll grow more in time and I'll learn to embrace my height more.

:: To just be. Easier said then done I know but to know that it won't always be perfect but to learn to know that some days you have got this, you are right and it's a great day and others you have a drink, a hot shower, an early night and you move onto the next. 

A Country Birthday

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