Christmastime in the City


Oh London, you are so magnificent at Christmas, I'm so glad I got to spend a few days visiting this year. 

How does it do it? So twinkling and special that you almost forget about the tourists blocking your path as they choose which way to go, and the men in suits who think they are more important than anyone barging into you- HOW DO YOU IT DO IT, BEAUTIFUL CITY?!


Alex and I were lucky to spend a few days, meeting friends, eating far too much and getting into the festive spirit. 

Our first stop after our early start (way way too early for a Sunday) was the Little Riding House Cafe on Great Titchfield Street. Has anyone been? If not I urge you all to go for brunch. There was so much to choose from and I just couldn't, I wanted it all but finally settled on pancakes. And oh boy! It was a good choice; 3 fluffy, giant pancakes topped with loads of fruit, vanilla cream and a bucket load of maple syrup for good measure. I know, I should have taken a snap but when you're with good company and pancakes are put in front of you and you haven't eaten since the night before, photos won't happen! To cap off a lovely, delicious brunch I went for a festive cocktail. It's one I'm dying to recreate at home; complete with mini candy cane added to the side.


Sunday afternoon was filled with lots of walking...I mean those pancakes had to be walked off before dinner at Flesh and Buns that night. After our walk and a bit of Jungle Book watching at the hotel it was time for dinner at one of my favourite places. We were restrained and didn't order everything off the menu (it's easily done at F&B), but settled on a selection. I could eat there once a week if I was able to. I'm pretty sure if my waistline, budget and geography allowed I'd rotate between F&B, Wahaca and Burger and Lobster (for their garlic butter) on a regular basis.

The night was finished off with a walk to the Southbank and to their annual Rekorderlig Cider Lodge. Anyone tried their Winter Cider? I'm now on the hunt for it for Christmas as I don't need any excuse to make cider a winter and summer drink! We also spent a good amount of time weighing up how good we'd be at the roller disco they have there at the moment. There were people there with some serious skills! We watched, not wanting to show off our lack of balance and moves!


The rest of the weekend was awash with squeezing into the shops among the throngs of people in search of the perfect gifts. A number were ticked off our list, but there's still a fair few to go. I'm usually so much more organised than this. I'm trying not to think about it too much; people will get something, I just need to brave the shops one more time.....maybe 2....3.

Monday was all about catching up with friends over cake (yes, it was a very foodie weekend, which I'm think is never a bad thing, even if my jeans say differently!) and catching the train back to sleepy Devon. 


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