Eat:: Crumbs & Doilies


I think that I can safely say that my time in London was spent to good use by eating and sampling most of the cupcakes and other offerings most bakeries had to offer:

:: The Hummingbird Bakery: check
:: The Primrose Baker: check
:: Peggy Porschen: check
:: Cutter & Squidge: check
:: Lola's: check
:: Candy Cakes: check
:: Crumbs & Doilies: check

And now check again as last weekend on our trip to London, I met my friend DW and went to their store to try their cupcakes (all the cupcakes actually, that's what so great when you get the mini ones!)


And while there were more than enough cupcakes to go round, the s'mores brownie just couldn't be passed up; it just looked too good. And we were right! There were so many different layers to this brownie, it might just be my favourite one I've ever eaten. Biscuit followed with gooey rich chocolate topped with marshmallowy goodness. I wanted to buy the lot!


The rest of the cupcakes were carefully shared between us, each of us grading which ones were better, our favourites etc. There were even a few to box and bring home. The Christmas one was a perfect little bit full of all the best flavours of this time of year; ginger, cloves and topped with icing and gingerbread men sprinkles- Christmas in a cupcake.


If you are around the area I would recommend heading here for a sweet treat. We went to the Soho branch and the staff were so friendly to everyone who walked in. The next port of call when I head back to Kingly Court: Pizza Pilgrims for mains and Crumbs & Doilies for pudding!

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