Valentine's:: expectations v reality



:: Wake up to breakfast in bed.

:: Long, heart felt, soppy messages in your card.

:: Getting dressed up in fancy jewels, clothes and perhaps your best matching underwear.

:: Going to an over packed restaurant for a candlelit dinner.




:: You're awake first so make tea and coffee for both of you.

:: You've been together long enough that 'Will you be my Valentine' and 'I love you' is more than enough.

: You're in your PJs by 8pm.


:: You order a takeaway and watch a film.


My Valentine's is usually focused more on the reality side of things and let's face it-it's great! February is my least favourite month (November is my favourite just FYI), it's dull and seems never ending. I like our no fuss version of Valentine's- I envision us to be in PJs, wine in hand, Alex will have picked up a takeaway and will be catching up on Game of Thrones. To me, that seems like a decent way to spend a Saturday, Valentine's Day or not!

Seeing York

In the kitchen:: red velvet cheesecake brownies