Eat:: Wahaca


A couple weeks back I met up with some friends and we headed to the Southbank and to Wahaca. I love eating here; always so tasty, always plenty of food, great service and some of the best margaritas I've tasted!

The Southbank restaurant is made from shipping containers and it's really cosy inside, lots of fairy lights (always the best way to decorate!)
There's usually always a wait, but I take this as a good sign- it means good food awaits, and it gives a chance for getting in even more chats with friends. And, I can sneak in an extra margarita at the bar while soaking up the view (which looked pretty spectacular on a cold February night).

We ordered too much and left full of good food and great company. We were all wishing for those margaritas come the next day; not a bad way to spend a Thursday night.

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