Meet the dogs

I love going home: friends, family, fresh air and, most importantly, the dogs. I've grown up with dogs and I can't imagine not owning my own if we can ever get a house of our own.



:: Mumma-bear.
:: Nickname: Eeyore (she plods around a lot).
:: Will find any amount of heat available e.g. not just near the fire, so close to the fire she may as well be in it and the brightest, hottest patch of sunlight.
:: Loves her cuddles.
:: Chatters her teeth while she sleeps.



:: Still acts like she's a puppy (she'll be 8 later this year).
:: Loves a cup of tea- she will slowly edge her way across the room until her nose is in your cup.
:: Loves standing at the back steps at chest height so she can snuggle in for a cuddle.
:: Always always pleased to see you.
:: Likes to watch the tv.

These two are such characters, and yes they malt all over your white tops and they'll walk mud through the house but I wouldn't change them for the world.

Eat:: Burger & Lobster

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