10 Things that are Great About the Countryside


I may live in London but my roots are in Devon and some things are just better in the South West.

:: The air. It's so fresh, the kind that you know is good for you the moment you take a breath.

:: Prices. I'm talking about going out to the pub and not having to withdraw your life savings to afford the round.

:: Going for long walks and bike rides etc.

:: As soon as you step out of London, people become friendlier. You say hello to anyone you pass and you can smile at strangers without them thinking you're insane or want something from them!

:: There's the city, beach and the moor all in relative distance to each other- it's not quite as secluded as you think.

:: Less crowds- shopping at the weekend isn't half as busy as shopping at any time in London.

:: Relax. Okay, so I'm not too good at this and I rush around everywhere and get annoyed at slow movers- but I appreciate the slower pace of life.

:: The views. They are so different from London views and they're a different kind of beautiful.

:: People stick to plans much more (not always, but most of the time), it also doesn't take a minimum of an hour to meet them.

:: It's home.

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