February Favourites


:: Hazel Nicholls Notecard set (sold out)


I spotted these through an ever common ASOS browse (these quickly ended up in my basket, £12 reduced to £5-bargain). Each notecard is different and I love having that much choice. My favourite? Thank you for being You.

:: Date nights

Winter gives the perfect excuse to stay in, all warm and cosy and never come out again until the lighter evenings that is. Don't worry- there was still lots of vegging out, watching Game of Thrones (or Hart of Dixie when left to my own devices) but cheeky trips to the pub and a mid-week curry were definitely welcomed.

:: Using my car more


I past my test last year, brought a car and thought 'Yes, the open road!' This did not happen and the car hasn't been used as much as it should- it's London and I already pay too much use public transport! This month I tried to get out and about a bit more, whether it's just the supermarket or a little trip to Kent.

:: Lulu Guinness Clutch


Another ASOS sale buy- I love it. And... it's so sparkly! I want to take it everywhere.

:: Seeing my mum

My mum was in London on business and trekked from East to West just to meet for lunch. I haven't seen her since Christmas so it was nice to catch up even if it was only for an hour.



Let's drive to Brighton at the weekend.

Eat:: Wahaca