Visit:: Evil Eye Lounge, York


As you all know, last month I visited York for my birthday; one of the places on our list to go was the Evil Eye Lounge. Part shop, part internet café, part bar- this place has it all, including amazing cocktails!

It being my birthday we thought it would be rude not to start the birthday happy hour at 2. A couple of cocktails down and we could have easily spent a lot more time and money sampling the menu- it's a definite must for places to go when in York.

:: Best cocktail for me: I love margaritas and of course tried the one here but their Sloejito just pinched it for favourite cocktail.

:: Alex's favourite cocktail: Clockwork Orange

:: The one that looked too lethal to try: I always stay away from the ones that feature milk and cream but there was also a section called Evil Creations and they sounded lethal! Green Fairy (absinthe, gin, orange bitters & pomegranate juice) anyone?!

:: The food: We didn't eat anything as we were saving ourselves for dinner but it smelt amazing. We wanted to try their Evil cheesy chips.

All by myself.

In the kitchen:: salted caramel pots