Let's drive to Brighton at the weekend.


Last weekend, Alex and I went to Brighton for the day and we couldn't have picked a better day. It was a sunny one - I got to wear my sunglasses the entire time (an official sign that Spring/Summer is on it's way).

We had nothing planned apart from to wonder around the Lanes, use up our pennies on the pier and eat good food.




All the pretty antique jewels along the lanes. It's like a treasure trove, and with the lanes being so narrow and passage-like, it feels like you've gone back in time.



We decided to go to Meat Liquor after hearing only good things about the London branches. It didn't disappoint- there was so much food that we were glad that we had so much walking to do that afternoon to work it off a bit. The best bit? The gigantic onion rings!



The arcade is too addictive! None of this 10p and £2 nonsense - it's all about the 2p machine games. I can proudly say that I came away with two prizes that day.



The sun beginning to go down while we were on the seafront. Everything had that end of day glow which made for a pretty perfect finish. That and Angel Food Bakery cupcakes on the train journey home.

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