Living in London:: expectations v reality



:: You will live in the heart of the city.

:: You can hope on and off the tube and go anywhere, just like all those film montages (I'm talking about the Bend it like Beckham scene - they make Oxford Street look appealing!).

:: You're out every night - going to dinner, drinks etc.

:: You go to all the West End shows. The Lion King, Wicked, Les Mis - you've done them all.



:: Zone 5 rent is cheaper so you spend hours travelling to work instead.

:: You're packed onto a tube like a sardine, there are signal failures, it takes a minimum of an hour to get anywhere.

:: You go home most nights to a bottle of wine and the TV.

:: Ticket prices are crippling and you've barely gone the whole time you've lived in London.

Oh London; when you're good you're very good, but when you want to be, you can really chew people up and spit them out without a care in the world. I've heard so many people say it's much better to visit London as you just go and do much more. Those people are right- I think I've even said it myself when I've been outside the London bubble (aka the M25).

It's so easy to stay home or stay local but I need to push this further. There are places in London I want to go but that I don't without any good reason or excuse. This has to bettered; everyone must know more about the area they live in no?

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