Packing for New York:: my carry on

Last time I went to New York I was 17 and on a school trip so it's pretty safe to say the last thing I was thinking about was how to keep fresh after I stepped on the plane (I actually remember I felt terrible and probably looked a shade of green as I was going through security). And more recently, on my trip to Iceland, my friend was super organised with headphones, iPad etc. I thought 'it's okay-it's only 3 hours.' I was wrong and needed more than Grazia for company.

I'm sure if I come more prepared this time I'll step off my 7-hour flight looking as put together and as gorgeous as Keira Knightley right?!


:: Essentials::

:: Passport, purse, cards, cash, tickets and my phone- all pretty obvious stuff, I mean, I need it to live and actually get to NYC!

:: Comfort::

::Socks: Planes can get chilly- I'd prefer to be as toasty as possible. I also intended to wear a really loose cardigan that seems as big as a blanket.

:: Toiletries::

:: Moisturiser: I read about face mists etc. but decided to stick with what I already own. It's a sample from my mum and it's you only need a little bit. It's also all natural ingredients. 

:: Lip balm: I always get super dry lips and so being on a plane with the same pumped air isn't going to help so I've chucked in my trusty Nivea.

:: Lipstick: I've also packed a lipstick in case I feel ultra fancy when I land.

:: Hand sanitiser: Close quarters, 7-hour flight. I mean, I use it on short distant train journeys!

:: Entertainment::

::Headphones: I love my headphones- they block out everything-perfect for catching up on some movies.


Am I missing anything out? Anything crucial or that is a must- let me know so I can do a panic buy. I mean, my stack of magazines will be high enough but I can always buy more.

Life:: as it stands

Snapshots:: a weekend alone