10 Reasons Why Glastonbury is the Best Festival Ever!


I love Glastonbury and I've been lucky enough to 3 times (now to be 4! I thought I wouldn't be going until I managed to bag a pair in the Sunday resale in April). I couldn't be more excited- Kanye West, Lionel Richie, Clean Bandit, Hozier to name a few! If I don't get tickets I ignore the festival completely- no tv, radio or newspaper columns because out of sight, out of mind. and, if I can see it or hear about it, then I'm not missing out right?! But this year it's A-OKAY because I get to go which is great because Glastonbury really is amazing...

:: The line up

The line up caters for everyone. Over the years I've seen a whole range of acts from Jay Z to Kate Nash and one of my favourite memories; Dizzee Rascal followed by Pete Doherty up at The Park.

:: The atmosphere


It's so relaxed. You can make the festival as busy as you like (and I really have) but just taking your time and chilling out works just as well.

:: The Editors

I fell in love with this band at my very first Glastonbury. Never one of my favourite but it all came together the first time I saw them- I remember every detail.

:: The Food

There are so many food choices- midnight stone-baked pizza feasts, vegan salad boxes, doughnut breaks at least 4 times a day and something called Pauline Fowler's Growler!

:: No technology

I've seen this change a lot every time I go and more iPhones are making an appearance. However, when I'm there I switch off, take my oldest phone, and just live in the Glastonbury bubble.

:: My camping spot


I camp in the same area every year and, for me, it's the perfect spot. Near to the John Peel stage with a good view of the site. The twinkly lights at night make it so magical.

:: So much to do

You can never do it all in one festival- it's the best excuse to keep going back.

:: The weather

The panic when it rains; will your tent flood, have you packed enough clothes, will the rain last forever? I've been so lucky with the weather- always one day of intense, non-stop rain (and the panic) followed by glorious sunshine.

:: Festival Life


You seem to forget about the state of the loos (almost), running water and that dry shampoo is not the only option for your hair post Glasto life.

:: Everything!


There's so much and it's different every year I go. But the moment the wristband is attached until I leave the gates I'm in my little festival heaven.

Those evenings

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