Time has gone both fast and slow in equal measure this week and I'm both grateful and not.
It's been a busy and not altogether fun week at work and I can safely say thank god it's the weekend- I need it. To just de-stress and unwind. I think I'm in need of a holiday; you know when you get to that stage where, although you've taken time off this year, you need to actually get out of the country and have a proper holiday with new places, experiences and people. Well I need that and luckily New York is only two weeks away!

But for now it's the weekend and time for...something. Alex extended his stay in Devon and so our original plans have fallen through. I'm not the best at being on my own and I've already done a week of it. It's gone faster than I thought but it's been stressful (re: above) and it would have been nice to come home and off load and relax with some company, not just the radio and boxsets as my friends (see, time = fast/slow, blessing/curse). So to try and make the best of it I intend to:

:: return my library books.
::start organising things for my trip i.e. money, travel adapter, make countless lists no doubt.
:: take a bunch of pictures.
:: get a bottle of Prosecco and watch Modern Family, New Girl and old movies.

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