April Favourites


:: My new hair


I fancied a change for a while and finally went for it. When I was at home I went to Venus in Tavistock and 2 hours later voila- brown, ombre, short. I love it.

:: Glastonbury

Alex and I got tickets to Glastonbury! We tried and failed in September but the resale the other Sunday proved fruitful. It was very unexpected as tickets go so quickly we didn't think we'd be lucky after our first attempt. It now means we're being more frugal as we had to pay for the tickets out right and the festival is only 2 months away, but who cares- it's Glastonbury!!!

:: Monopoly


As one of Alex's birthday presents I got him the Family Guy Monopoly. One weekend this month we set up for a mammoth game. It took 2 days (with various pit stops, wine, headaches from said wine etc.)- it was a pretty intense game. I'm pleased to say I was victorious- round 2 to commence soon.

:: Cookies


The other day I had such a craving for cookies and so after work I headed to Sainsbury's and treated myself to these. They are delicious: soft, chewy and my favourite flavour-white chocolate and raspberry, mmmmmmmm.

:: My phone/Facetime

Okay so I'm not one to usually pick technology as my favourite but with Alex being away at the moment its been so nice to have my new phone meaning we can Facetime and chat to each other.

New York bucket list