City Living


I don't know about you but I think most people should try city living at least once in their lives. I'm not suggesting that everyone ups and leaves to London (I am not someone who thinks the world is inside of the M25's border) but city living is so so different than anything else.

I moved to the city when I was 18- all bright-eyes and dreaming that my life was going to be like the tv & the movies (I'm thinking Coyote Ugly, Friends, Sex & the City, to name a few). Six years later and I'm still here, Alex is here (5 years for him) and we question: is city living all we want it to be? My 16 year old self expected a flat something akin to a millionaire's Manhattan loft, right in the heart of the city, a fridge full of champagne, Red Bull, and M&S food.


The reality is our fridge is pretty much always empty and we live in Zone 5. But that's not the point- I still live in (well, near) the city; I get on a train at 7.20 every morning and battle alongside my fellow commuters; I work in West London and I have a constant choice of new places to explore, new cocktail bars I haven't tried, restaurants opening up. There is so much to do-always, constantly and it is for this reason (along with many others) that London will always have a space in my heart. And while I'm sure London life isn't suited to us forever, I'm glad I was able to move here.


I think city life changes you, whether that city is Bristol, Manchester, London or Liverpool. I know for me it's helped me become stronger, perhaps a touch more impatient at times, and appreciative of what came before my life in London and what will come after it.

Maybe it isn't just city living, but just moving out of your comfort zone- pushing yourself. And let's face it, London can push all your buttons at once if you're having a rough day but learning to appreciate the city for what it is, is important (I find the view from the Golden Jubilee Bridge at Charing Cross looking over to St Paul's and the Southbank at night helps a lot). Okay, so I don't have my fully stocked fridge in my little mews house but by moving to the city I've defined myself more than I would have if I had never ventured this far from home, and that I find is my achievement and what I take from city living.

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