Life:: as it stands


Currently:: a bundle of excitement as I'm heading to New York today!! I'm double, triple checking everything and then it's off to the airport. Eeeeeee :)

Waiting for:: news and a decision that could mean big things for us all.

Growing:: Alex and I planted some chilli and strawberry seeds. Fingers crossed they develop into something this time. Our last lot of chillies started growing and then just stopped and disappeared- I think it was too cold for them.

Wearing:: my Zara jeans, so comfy and a bargain. I needed a pair as all my others were tired looking and had got holes in them but now I'm covered until I get my shop on in NYC.

Feeling:: content. Ever since we got back from our week away over Easter there has been a change. I'm not sure whether it's us, the weather or what but it feels so much better.

Eating:: strawberries. I can't get enough of them at the moment. If I don't have a bowl of them at breakfast I feel like I haven't started the day right.

Snapshots:: New York

Packing for New York:: my carry on