10 Reasons to go back to New York City


They say that New York is always a good idea (I'm sure I've read that about Paris too but let's pretend it's solely NYC) and I happen to agree with them. Like any city it has it's downsides- for me it was how rude they could be. Of course it wasn't everyone but there was definitely more aggression and hostility than London (trust me-I was surprised by this too!) But, casting that aside it is a place to return, and soon. I can't believe it's been 2 months already since I went and there are 10 reasons why you should always go back to New York:

:: Central Park

There is so much of it to cover. I really want to venture further; to visit the main lake and picnic on the grass.

:: Natural History Museum

The place looked massive and I'd love to see the difference between NY and the London one.

:: Little Italy

We came so close but missed out on walking and eating our way through Little Italy.

:: The Highline

We didn't get close to a chance of wandering across this, so it's on my list for next time.

:: Brooklyn

Next time, I'd like to head over for the day and visit the markets - perhaps walk back over the bridge because the view is something.

:: Museum of Modern Art

Such classics are housed inside, and to get a glimpse of them would be a worthwhile afternoon in my eyes.

:: Speakeasys

I researched and looked up dozens of these, but didn't make it to one. I plan to not let it happen next time.

:: Chinatown

Another one that we were on edge of but didn't make it. Dim sum in Chinatown and a walk around Canal Street are planned for next time.

:: Doughnut Plant

This one was on my bucket list but we didn't have time *sob*, I got my Dunkin' Donuts fix but not these beauties.

:: Bloomingdales

We made it to Macy's, Sephora and Century 21 but missed out on our own Little Borwn Bag from Bloomingdales- not next time.

:: A Broadway Show

We didn't have enough time (again!- it was a common theme for our trip) and the show we did want to see were selling their seats for megabucks! But next time I think a New York show will be on the cards...maybe even two if I can.

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