May Favourites


:: New York City


I mean it's pretty obvious New York would be on my favourites list this month. It was such a great trip and it's hard to pinpoint favourites. I think the bus tour of Uptown was great- super touristy- but you saw so much. And the Top of the Rock was pretty cool too and something I hadn't done on my previous trip.

:: Modern Family

It seems that there is constantly a TV show on my favourites list but honestly, I love Modern Family. Alex and I have always caught the odd episode here and there but I found the boxset on demand and started from the beginning. The more I watch the more I can see some of my own family and myself reflected in the characters- which I'm not entirely sure is good or bad.

:: The football


I've always been a bit of a tomboy and into sport and I've been lucky enough to see my team play a few times this season. This has included going twice this month-including their last home game of the season. It was Alex's first time watching them at home the other week and it was fun going to a game together.

:: Our furniture


A few months ago I mentioned our DIY, well the bookcase is fully done and the TV unit is almost there and they look so good! I'm really pleased with how they've turned out. Now just the chairs to do. And our table is on the to do list but with all the sanding it needs we need a garden to do it in so it may be a while before anything happens there.

:: The pizza at Al Forno

It was so delicious. We went for a friend's birthday and the pizzas were amazing. So. much. cheese. And massive too! Alex and I both ordered a small and I'm pretty sure it was twice the size of my head!


Travel:: NYC: Day Three

Eat:: Bryant Park Grill