Travel:: NYC: Day One

We arrived in NYC on Thursday evening so didn't do much besides explore our surroundings and be amazed our bathroom view (no brick wall for us, but a shot of the Empire State Building!) and find a place to have a drink.

Our real adventure began on the Friday. Jet lag meant we were up at 4am meaning plenty of time to fit everything in! We strolled up to Central Park with a small diversion via Grand Central Station. I'm still blown away by it's size and beauty-Waterloo and Paddington doesn't have anything on that building.


We stopped by Central Park Zoo which was such a fun way to spend a couple of hours. They don't have a ton of animals (you have to head to the Bronx Zoo for that) but the sea lions provided much entertainment.


It was so hot on the Friday and we did not pack for such heat and so when the bear got in for a drip I was pretty jealous of her cooling down.

Lunch was supplied in the Rockefeller Centre along with a couple of margaritas (because it was sunny and we were on holiday) and then we spent the majority of the afternoon and evening up high above New York City; Top of the Rock in the sunshine and the Empire State Building at night.


And from one amazing viewpoint to another. I loved that we did both these sights in one day; one day, one night as there really was a difference between the two. I always think there's something so magical about a city at night and all the twinkling lights of New York did nothing to sway that opinion.


Visit:: The Brooklyn Bridge

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