Travel:: NYC: Day Two

Saturday was another busy day with a lot of walking. We decided to walk from our hotel on 5th down to the 9/11 museum and Battery Park- see a lot of walking.

We spent the morning at the 9/11 museum and waterfalls. Last time I went it was still empty and work was only just beginning so it was pretty amazing to see how much the site had changed. The waterfalls were beautiful and so large- you almost forget the scope of it all until you standing In front of it. The museum was done well and was very moving- you could hear a pin drop as you moved around with everyone else inside.


Our afternoon was spent down at Battery Pak- the ticket office was closed early that down so no boat trip for us- but taking in the sights of being by the water was a great way to spend the time. It also gave us the opportunity to rest our feet and snack on pretzels.


On deciding to return back uptown we got very lost. New York- I wish you'd keep your grid system all the time and not lose it at the end of the island. We walked so far until the subway came partially to our rescue. I say partially because we got lost again after that too! Of course getting lost was not intentional but the results were fun; we found an amazing sweet shop where I had to exercise my restraint from buying all the American sweets I could find, and we stumbled across Washington Square Park.


The evening was filled with cocktails on a rooftop terrace, copious amounts of gin in and Irish bar and making friends with a fellow Brit. I'm not sure if it was how much we'd done that day or the amount of gin that we consumed but we both fell asleep instantly and slept until morning!


Eat:: Bryant Park Grill

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