Packing for Glastonbury


A week today and I'll be at one of my all time favourite places ever - Glastonbury!! I cannot believe it has come round this quickly- now if we could all keep everything crossed for the weather to stay dry (maybe sneak in some sun) that would be great.

This year a friend of mine is also heading to the Holy Grail of music festivals. It will be her first time going and camping/festivals are not her usual thing so I put together a list for her. And so, I thought I'd share my essential festival packing list with you all.

:: Essentials


:: toilet roll
:: plasters
:: tissues
:: body spray

:: deodorant                             
:: wet wipes
:: toothbrush/paste/mouthwash 
:: sun tan lotion
:: hand sanitiser

:: Hair and make-up


:: hair ties and other accessories (anything to disguise unwashed hair)
:: hair spray
:: dry shampoo

:: foundation
:: mascara 
:: eyeliner
:: lipstick and lipbalm
:: hairbrush

:: Clothes


:: jeans
:: tshirt and vest tops
:: jumpers/hoodies 
:: underwear and socks- always pack extra in case of rain and mud.

:: waterproof coat
:: wellies
:: converses/trainers of some sort
:: long socks for wellies
:: shorts
:: leggings

:: Camping things


:: waterproof tent that's big enough for you and your things
:: sleeping bag
:: extra bags for wet clothes
:: torch
:: extra batteries

:: The everyday things


:: tissues/toilet roll-keep this dry!
:: camera
:: lipbalm
:: hand sanitizer
:: your drinks of choice

:: bag big enough for all your things but not weighing you down
:: purse
:: water bottle

And there you have it - a packing list for Glastonbury. This will be my fourth year there and this list has seen me through it all. People always pack more and of course there are things that I don't take that other people wouldn't dream of missing (sleeping mats and pillows etc), so if in doubt, pack it. Just remember, you have to carry it all and take it home with you, don't leave it on the farm! In case there is anything I've missed or you want more information, Glastonbury do a great guide over on their website.

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