June Favourites


:: Drinks by the river

You may have seen my post on it earlier this month but sharing a couple of bottles with Alex by the river in June's sunny and warm weather was perfect. Evenings like this make me like the summer months.

:: Glastonbury


It goes without saying that this festival is one of my favourite places ever and this year's has done nothing to quash this thought; it's just so magical. Where can I even start with this year; the sunshine, the music, the company, the Dalai Lama!! Everything about the festival makes me want to go back and it's  safe to say I've had the Glastonbury blues since coming back. So please, everyone keep their fingers and toes crossed that I can get tickets again later this year.

:: Being healthier

This is a big deal for me, I can be a serial snacker at work and with long hours and commuting etc I can find it difficult to work up the enthusiasm to do much by the time I get home. But that's changed and I feel so much better for it. Alex and I are eating better and even managing to fit in a couple workouts a week in. FYI... HIIT fitness classes are a killer but so so good.

:: Heading home


My car was always going to be used more for driving home than it was in London (people are scary and aggressive up here) and I'm so glad I did it. It's so nice to get in my car and just go. It's a fair old drive but so worth it when you get there. The views, the people, the local area, my dogs- I really love it there. I'm definitely a country girl at heart (just don't tell my 16 year old self that!)

:: Being outside more


The other week when we went home we got to go out for a walk or two and it was lovely; the weather was perfect and it just felt good being out in the fresh air. On top of 5 days in the elements of Glastonbury I'm really enjoying being outside more and soaking up the sun and letting my skin breath in the fresh air. Long may my love for the outdoors continue!

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