Six things in six months


Oh God it's June already- panic! The weather still can't decide what it's doing, the longest day of the year is soon approaching meaning darker evenings are going to creep up on us again and before we know it Christmas will be here. Yes, I mentioned Christmas- maybe because I, not so secretly, love it and am actually pretty excited for it to come around again! But before I get side tracked by that can we really just take a minute and say- where has the time gone?!

Before the end of the year is out I want to tick a few things off (I suppose we can call them mid-year resolutions, I mean-we can make that a thing right?!). Most of the things are the list are pretty small but six things in six months, challenge accepted!

:: Get back to getting fit.

I remember how much I use to do, the sports teams I was on, how much fitter I was and I'm ashamed at how slack and non existant my exercise and fitness levels have become. I'm going to make a conscious effort to change this, whether it's taking a weekly exercise class (I love boxercise and want to do that again), long walks or a YouTube class at home. I need to start somewhere. Ideally I'd love to start bike riding again, but I'm just a bit too scared to on London roads.

:: Plan a weekend trip to Edinburgh.

I've never been and it's a place I've wanted to go for ages, it's even on my wanderlust list for this year. However, why does no one tell you how much it is! I've been looking for various times of the year and for the price we could go for a week in the sun somewhere. So please, if anyone can tell me the best way to do it without wiping out my bank balance it's much appreciated.

:: Buy additional dining room chairs.

I have my eye on them and I can make them mine pretty soon I think.

:: Book (or be close to) booking a holiday with Alex.

We've been together for so many years and friends before that but still we haven't been abroad together (besides the NY school trip where we first properly met but that totally doesn't count.)

:: Consistently invest in better things- food, make up, clothes.

I know I should be doing this already but it can be hard, especially with food, it's so easy to just buy something that's cheap or something that isn't particularly good for you. The food thing is to concide with my fitness but the others; I just want to better my knowledge of what I'm buying and what I put on my face etc.

:: To make that big change.

Ooooo cryptic I know and I wish I could explain more and maybe one day (if the six months goes to plan) I will but for now this one is under wraps.

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