In the garden

There are many reasons Alex and I are looking forward to moving back to the countryside but a main one is just being outside, in the garden. Or just knowing someone who has a garden, spending our evenings out there, bbqs, gardening (we've turned middle-aged I know!)

The other week when we were back home we managed to have our first bbq of the year and the first one in a garden in a number of years (we've become very skilled with indoor bbqs in our London flat). The weather was perfect and all just felt right. Alex and I headed to the shops and stocked up on the essentials earlier in the day (burgers, crisps and dips and prosecco) and then went about setting up my parent's garden so it was summer ready.


My parent's garden is a little on the rustic side but that's what I love about it; it has such charm. Not too big, not too small and with my mum's trinkets and style dotted around, it's just so welcoming. Here's to summer, now throw another burger on the barbie!

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