July favourites


:: Changes

July has been a busy month, full of big decisions, busy evenings and a lot of emotions. If you didn't read our big news- Alex and I are leaving London. We are currently a sea of boxes, with checklists everywhere but it'll be worth is once the removal van pulls up and takes all our things.


With a new job with a no jeans rule I'm having to update my wardrobe. My clothes have sadly needed this update for a long time and I'm glad this move and new job and somewhat justified the update. It means my saved items on ASOS have been sent out to me and my favourite thing is that I'm an ASOS Premier person so I don't even have to wait long for delivery!

:: Friends


I'm so grateful to these guys. Deciding to move was a big decision for us and telling our friends was the tough part. They've all been amazing and so excited for our new adventure. There has been lots of gatherings to celebrate, say goodbye, eat out the contents of our freezer, hug, cry, laugh, all of it. Thank you guys.

:: James Bay

Since Glastonbury I don't think I've stopped listening to his music. His voice and guitar playing are outstanding; live he is even better than his album. If you're given the opportunity to get tickets, snap them up and go see him. Better still- take me along with you?!

:: Savage Beauty


Alex and I were lucky enough to get tickets for the Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A. We got late night tickets and you know, there was something so magical about being in a museum so late at night. It felt like it really added an extra level to the show. The exhibit itself was breath-taking; there was so much to look at, and so many iconic McQueen outfits and moments. I think I could have spent all night there and still kept spotting something new. It's really hard to pinpoint favourites but I loved the his tartan collection and wanted to steal it all. Another highlight was the room of curiosities- that room alone could have taken me hours if I had had the time. If you ever get the chance to see the exhibit, here in London or anywhere else in the world, go, you won't leave disappointed, fashion lover or not.

The final weeks

Eat:: The Flaming Cow